A Welcome Note

Welcome to my poetry page.
I can't express enough of how delighted I am that you took precious time to read something I wrote. Thank you! Online I usually go by The Lady Prism, a pseudonym I christened myself with when I was 17 and writing for our school paper. Curiously, the summer name has come to be my nature.
I live what it means.
Roselle Quin - writer, creative communications coach, artist

And I do most preciously believe that.....
We all walk by different paths, you and I, 
but we all shall meet at a crossroad somehow. 
This could be that crossroad.
I believe in destiny, and the magic of six degrees of separation. 
We were bound to meet...
so here you are. 

And all I want is to make you smile,
even for just this moment, 
for the simple reason that you exist
and so do I.
And for a wink, NOW, our lives, 
though physically secluded by the bounds of space, land and time
met at this juncture
as it should.

And THAT makes all the difference,
in the scheme of things,
and to the Author of Time.

I'd like to get to know you more. 
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Love and Light to you! 

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