Saturday, November 7, 2015

Frame of A Common Afternoon

Amiably, your courteous sundown
offered the gift
of its mellifluous senses to me

The choco - nut chatter of children
The plock - plack -  plock of tennis balls
The perfunctory glance of a snobbish pekingese
(flat nosed love toy)

As I sat in reflective stance
my cold steel bench of lime o'green
in praise of this plain -
frame of a common -

Beautiful garden bench painting is by: 

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Poetry of Time

In the tower of things to do
by the throne of accomplish,
In the coffer of what must be done,
One drowns in the labyrinth of time
and watches haplessly,
as seconds filter into the ether,
gripping soul and spirit with it--

But - there is a way to escape,
to reclaim rushing moments,

Close your eyes 
and breath with heart,
let your inner light of peace,
 drift you to a sanctuary of grace and ease

Cast a prism of gratefulness,
for the new surge of might that abounds
Murmur syllables of love and graciousness --

Now see,
life's miracle - time,

TIME anchors securely beside you --
  in the remaining swirl,
of all things to do.

Poetry By: Roselle Quin